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Our production plant is located at Dongguan, Guangdong. In our self-owned 20,000 square metres production plant, we employ 400 experienced workers and can produce 2 million sweaters annually. ERP system is implemented in our facility to real-time monitor inventory, production status and warehouse. A simple click in our ERP system can show you the most updated production status within our facility.

All products are produced in our one-stop facility, from knitting, linking, washing to final finishing. There are 162 sets Shima Seiki computer knitting machines (from 3GG to 14GG) in our facility. We are accredited by the government Environmental Protection Office on local emission regulations to have our own in-house washing department.

Factory Entrance


Computer Knitting Department

Yarn Spinning

Linking Department

Stitching Department

Quality Control Team

Ironing Department

Washing Department

Packaging Department

Barcode System

Finished Goods Warehouse

Yarn Warehouse

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